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*There will be an 8% Credit Card/Buyer Service Charge for purchases made through online bidding*

Terms & Conditions

Colorado Horse Sale 

1.All persons who attend this sale do so at their own risk. Barnes Horse Auctions, Leyden Livestock Marketing, sale management, employees, and consultants assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any accidents, injuries, or damages to persons or horses for the duration of the sale weekend. All auction attendees are expected to be respectful & courteous of people & horses around them.

2.The sale will have photographers and videographers. All sale attendees understand that this content will be used for publicity, illustration, advertising, and more, and that said content may include their face, horse, and actions.

3.Barnes Horse Auctions & Leyden Livestock Marketing act as agents only to the seller. The purchaser assumes all responsibility & risk of injury to the horse as soon as the auctioneer says “Sold.”

4.Buyers must have a form of photo ID to register (State Issued Photo ID/passport).

5.Buyers are responsible for examining horses before the sale begins.

6.Barnes Horse Auctions & Leyden Livestock Marketing make no guarantees as to the possibility of herd health risks associated with any horse. Buyers & consignors should be aware of those risks & willing to accept them.

 7.Announcements from the block take precedence over all other information provided. Every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of information of consigned horses.

8.Auction management is not responsible for errors or omissions & assume no liability on any statement of any kind about sale horses. Absolutely no

guarantees are applied on any horse.

9.Barnes Horse Auctions & Leyden Livestock Marketing reserve the right to refuse sale of any horse we deem unmarketable.

10.Cataloged horses will take priority in advertising. Catalog fees are nonrefundable.

11.All horses must go through the ring, no alley trading will be tolerated. This rule is enforced by sale management & the Colorado Brand Board.

12.The consignor is responsible for providing feed & water until the horse is “Sold”. 

13.If a seller should choose to “No Sale” a horse, it MUST be announced before the horse exits the sale ring. Paperwork belonging to the horse will be property of The Colorado Horse Sale & its partners until the $150 “No Sale” fee is paid.

14.A good halter & lead rope must stay with the horse after being sold. If this is not done, a new set will be purchased and deducted from the seller’s final check. 

15.No horses shall be removed until payment has been received in full (due upon completion of sale). All horses must be off premise on the night of the sale, unless the horse owner has made their own arrangements with Adams County Fairgrounds to overnight the horse.

16.In the event that a buyer fails to pay for or accept a horse, the consignor agrees to accept the same price from another buyer, put the horse up for sale a second time, or receive the horse back as unsold.

17.In the case where a horse is not paid for in full, including: stop payment, return check, or the like, the consignor agrees to receive the horse back at the sale facilities without any liability to Barnes Horse Auctions or sale management.

18.Consignor checks will be posted to the address on the consignment form on the Wednesday following the